After many requests… Group Editing in TypeWright!

Numerous TypeWright users, many from the ranks of teachers and collaborating scholars, have asked us how to manage a group of people editing a single document in TypeWright.  Therefore, the team decided to produce a “How To.”

How to Create an 18thConnect Group for Editing a Document in TypeWright

A screenshot of the newest page.

Believe us, there are many, many other ways to do this!  We chose to publish this method to give anyone of you a place to start, and then develop methods of your own.  And if you are a solo editor and just want to create a new community of interest, the first two sections of this guide give basic instructions that will work for creating any group.

You can find this new guide as part of  the “TypeWright”  section in the “What is 18thConnect?” pages, along with the other new TypeWright documentation we have released this year, including an introductory video and a TypeWright FAQs page.  We also hope that group leaders–and group members–will join the 18thConnect group “TypeWright Users.”  This group provides a forum to share and discuss TypeWrighters’ ideas and experiences, as well as sharing how completed documents have been used for digital editions.

We want you to enjoy using TypeWright as much as we do, so please be sure to fill out the Survey linked from the bottom of the editing page!  Your responses will help chart the course for future developments in the capabilities and in the editable document collections that we add to TypeWright.

Happy TypeWrighting from myself, and all of us at the TypeWright Team!


Update:  The name of the Guide has been changed to “Creating a Group for Editing.”  The illustration still reflects the previous name.

The 18th Century Dilettante,

Anne Arundel