3 responses to “Two New Discussion Threads about TypeWright!”

  1. Angela Vietto

    I’m excited about the possibilities here and have spent a little time this weekend trying out TypeWright to work on The Plenipotentiary.

    I have more basic questions about TypeWright, first just about the project, then about mechanics. Will the crowd-sourced corrected texts make their way back to ECCO, or wherever they came from, or will they only be available here? When is the text “done”–are we having two or three people check a line before it’s “100%”? I found a few lines that had been checked by someone but still needed obvious corrections.

    What conventions are we following? If there is a space between a quotation mark or an exclamation point, are we honoring it? (I’ve done a few pages and went ahead and kept them.) Are we keeping catch-words at the bottom of the page or not? How about signature markings? (Again, I assumed yes, but it seems like if we’re crowd-sourcing, this info should be stated at the outset.)

    What do we do with pages featuring illustrations? The Plenipotentiary has at least one.

    Looking forward to learning more…

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