Cambridge: Plan from Cantabrigia Depicta

Thomas Gray Archive: Now Searchable Through 18thConnect is thrilled to announce that the Thomas Gray Archive is now fully searchable and accessible through This remarkable project offers a peer-reviewed digital archive and a constantly improving research project devoted to the eighteenth-century poet, letter-writer, and scholar. Thomas Gray (1716-1771) was an author of lyric and dramatic poems, humor, satire, works of […]

September Roundup! Needlework and Fashion in the 18th Century

This month’s roundup features primary sources related to fiber arts and clothing manufacture in the 18th century. From sourcing the materials for fabric dyeing and weaving to the purchase and upkeep of the finished product, textile production and circulation provides a fascinating point of entry to 18th-century studies. These works give a closer look at […]

Copper Engravings Musaeum Hermeticum Reformatum Amplificatum Frankfurt 1678

March Featured Collection: The Chymistry of Isaac Newton

18thConnect is pleased to introduce March’s featured collection: The Chymistry of Isaac Newton, provided by Indiana University at Bloomington. The site boasts an impressive variety of information and resources, including scans and transcriptions of Newton’s original manuscripts, a glossary of alchemical terms, and a multimedia lab. The site provides over fifty entries for Newton’s hand-written […]


March Roundup: The Works of Isaac Newton

The images in this gallery celebrate the work of Isaac Newton, English mathematician, physicist, astronomer, and author. Newton’s most notable contributions to his fields include his theorization of the laws of motion and gravity, his observation that white light is made up of the colors of the visible spectrum, and his development of calculus. Less […]

Eighteenth-Century Poetry Archive: Now on 18th Connect

Please join us in welcoming the Eighteenth-Century Poetry Archive (ECPA) to the 18th Connect collection! ECPA provides an open-access digital archive of high-quality primary and secondary sources. Their full-text collection is edited and annotated as a collaborative effort, with a large network of editors, scholars, and students dedicated to collaborating and sharing texts. ECPA also […]

Featured Collection: Digital Library of the Caribbean

Our first featured collection comes to us from the University of Florida’s George A. Smathers Libraries, which has partnered with the Digital Library of the Caribbean to make available a large collection of maps and images accessible through 18thConnect. According to the Digital Library of the Caribbean: “The dLOC Caribbean Map Collection‘s maps represent only […]

August 2019, Elizabeth Brissey Appointed Project Manager for 18thConnect.Org

Please join us in welcoming Elizabeth Brissey to the 18thConnect team as project manager. Elizabeth is a PhD candidate at Auburn University, where she studies Medieval and Early Modern epistemology, material culture, book history, and cognitive studies in literature. As project manager, Elizabeth is assisting in checking submissions of XML for peer review, uploading materials […]

18th Connect’s New Director: Dr. Emily Friedman

We’re excited to announce that Dr. Emily Friedman, Associate Professor of English at Auburn University, has been appointed director of 18th Connect! Dr. Friedman received her master’s degree from the University of York, England and her Ph.D. in English from the University of Missouri. In addition to her work with 18thConnect, Dr. Friedman is the […]

Early Modern OCR Project

eMOP Project at Texas A&M Receives Funding from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

English Professor Laura Mandell, Director of the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture (IDHMC), along with two co-PIs Professor Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna and Professor Richard Furuta, are very pleased to announce that Texas A&M has received a 2-year, $734,000 development grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for the Early Modern OCR Project (eMOP, The […]

To Miss Anne Wagner. (Elizabeth Venables, Abergale, 29th July 1803)

Image of the Week: Female Friendship in 18thC

Celebrate female friendship this week by investigating the friendship book of Anne Wagner, or the Anne Wagner album, 1795-1834. (Also called the Anne Wagner keepsake album, 1795-1834 and Souvenir D’Amitié.) Searchable in 18thConnect, this friendship book is hosted on the New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery. The album contains missives, watercolors, and collages to and from […]