Eighteenth-Century Poetry Archive: Now on 18th Connect

Please join us in welcoming the Eighteenth-Century Poetry Archive (ECPA) to the 18th Connect collection! ECPA provides an open-access digital archive of high-quality primary and secondary sources. Their full-text collection is edited and annotated as a collaborative effort, with a large network of editors, scholars, and students dedicated to collaborating and sharing texts.

ECPA also supplements their texts whenever possible with digital images. In many cases, researchers and collaborators can see the appearance of the source document, check the transcription, and engage with their XML-editor for corrections and improvements. ECPA is also a research project, the aims of which are to provide and contribute to a growing body of annotated texts, analyses, tools, and secondary sources. ECPA works with and builds upon texts created by the Text Creation Partnership from Gale’s, and uses the Oxford Text Archive’s (OTA) TEI/XML p5 versions of texts.

ECPA is updated on a biannual basis, and their future projects include increasing the number of authors available (particularly women authors) and providing better interconnection between analytical layers to make points of connectedness more visible, especially in terms of how these points are maintained, dissolved, and taken up again over time.

Currently, ECPA is searchable as one of 18th Connect’s “Other Digital Collections.” However, we anticipate peer-reviewing their content and reindexing them in the coming months as “Peer-Reviewed Projects.”

Have a question about ECPA? You can e-mail them at info@eighteenthcenturypoetry.org or visit their website at https://www.eighteenthcenturypoetry.org