18thConnect Updates, Current and Future!

We on the 18thConnect team are delighted that several 18thConnect users are working with and completing TypeWright texts, including the TypeWright featured texts!  And we have received a flurry of corrected documents as the semester winds down.  We look forward to getting feedback from so many users, via the linked Survey, which can be accessed from any TypeWright corrections page.

Have you been frustrated by the help link on the Search page?  To fix this broken link, the team has added a page to the documentation for the site: “Search Help,” which can also be reached by a link on the “What is 18thConnect?” main page.

We also have more TypeWright Help in the works, including a page of FAQs.  (You can help us with that by taking that TypeWright Users’ Survey!)

circumflex aThere is an additional issue I present here for discussion by any and all of you interested in using TypeWright corrected documents in your research:

  • How important is it to you to preserve diacritics (such as accented letters) in the searchable “full text”?  Would you include accented letters in your search term, or is it more likely that your search term would include the word(s) with no accent?
  • Would you take the time to look up a standard computer code/designation in order to use that code for inserting accented letters and other characters with diacritics into the corrected text?
  • Would you do so if these codes were made available alongside the “Keyboard Shortcuts” on the editing page?

I look forward to reading your comments!!

Learning more and more about you, dear user, I remain

Anne Arundel, your Eighteenth Century Dilettante,