TCP and Gale Cengage release 2,200 ECCO Texts to the public

Gale Cengage and the ECCO Text Creation Partnership have agreed to release 2,231 eighteenth-century texts to anyone who wishes to have them.  You can search through those 18thCentury texts here at by word or phrase: go to the search page, select “ECCO” under “Other Digital Collections” as one of your search facets (by clicking on it), and then scroll down to select “Full-text” only as a search facet as well.  Then enter any text (words, phrase) into the search blank, making it a facet as well.

Though we have no formal way of delivering documents, we are happy to be the source for plain text files: simply send Laura Mandell an email (lauraDOTmandellATgmailDOTcom) to request the texts; we can send you all of them, or selected texts.

As always, we are so grateful to the University of Michigan’s Text Creation Partnership for all the work they are doing to insure that we will send into the future the highest-quality digital surrogates of our eighteenth-century heritage.  And thanks to Gale for its openness to scholarly needs.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TRY USING TAPoR tools on a subset of the texts, using Voyeur (about; tool itself), please click here:

One subset of the 2,231 documents–more are coming.

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  2. Eric Lease Morgan

    This is very interesting, and thank you for bringing it to our attention, but I’m a bit confused. When I follow the links to the full text (Search >> Other >> ECCO >> Full text only) a list of 2,180 items is returned. I then click on an item and I am challenged for a User Group ID.

    Are these full texts, in their plain text and/or TEI form, being freely distributed or just indexed?

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  4. Eric Lease Morgan

    Okay. Thank you. No, I do not need the texts, but I was sort of interested in the TEI marked-up versions. –ELM

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