Featured Text: Summer Poetry



This month’s TypeWright Featured Text is The Tunbridge-Miscellany: Consisting of Poems, &c. Written at Tunbridge-Wells this Summer. By Several Hands (1712).

The title page of this text describes the collection of poetry with a quote from Ovid’s Heroides and Amores: “Carminibus meritas celebrare/ Puellas Dos mea.” Taken from one of Ovid’s love poems, the quote implies that the collection contains poetry, verse, and songs inspired by and celebrating worthy women. The quote is taken out of context; Ovid’s original poem is entitled “He Endeavors to Dissuade His Mistress From Becoming a Courtesan,” and it reads like advice for the virtuous woman reader courted by men, in general, and the poet-speaker, specifically.

The ornament contains several flowering plants and was, possibly, chosen to represent the summer season. The text itself contains several dynamic illustrations and pictures, and several poems are dedicated to significant women patrons and personages.


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