New TypeWright Help Pages in 18thConnect!

The TypeWright team has developed three new pages for 18thConnect, which will provide users with more information about our TypeWright tool.


What is _TypeWright

First is a general information page with a brief history of TypeWright development, followed by a video that walks the user through the editing interface. A page of TypeWright FAQs follows this general information. Please let us know if you’d like to see any other TypeWright questions answered, and we’d be happy to add them to the FAQ.


For our users who aim to utilize the crowd-sourced correction capabilities of TypeWright as the first step in making a scholarly, digital edition, we have an exciting announcement! Our 18thConnect team has carefully discussed and decided upon a set of Optional Markup Guidelines. These guidelines will allow our users to add Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) markup to TypeWright documents. Please consult the Guidelines, as we are only able to accommodate a subset of the available TEI elements in TypeWright as this time. These TEI elements will be output into a TEI/XML document when users finish correcting a text in TypeWright, for use in further digital work.


We are very pleased to announce this new, detailed documentation and functionality for our TypeWright tool, and we aim to continue developing features to serve the dynamic and enthusiastic eighteenth-century studies community.


The release of these three new pages coincided with the 2014 ASECS meeting in Williamsburg, VA and the “Liberate the Text!” workshop, organized by our 18thConnect and ARC Director, Dr. Laura Mandell.


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