New journal: The Digital Defoe

A new digital journal is available out of Illinois State, the Digital Defoe.

Digital Defoe takes its cue from Defoe and invites a range of genres. While the journal includes traditional academic articles, it also publishes reflective personal essays, which rarely find a place in peer-reviewed scholarship, as well as new types of digital scholarship that take advantage of and reflect the multimodal, hypertextual, communal, and flexible nature of both the Internet and eighteenth-century culture. Such digital projects will often involve interactive social spaces in which scholars and members of the public from across the globe converse, share ideas, and receive feedback. This new journal also values rigorous review of digital and multimodal projects; currently, online scholarship has seen little in the way of scholarly assessment, a job that print journals may be able to do only superficially for those projects that demand evaluation and response that is also multimodal.”

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