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How to Build an Exhibit in 18thConnect

Liz Grumbach

Texas A&M University, IDHMC

The Text Editor

If you're working mostly with text, then the basic 'Text' section should provide all you need. Basic formatting options are provided (bold text, italics, underlined text, strikethrough) as well as a drop cap option that offers a little extra style for your essay. Ordered and unordered lists are also available as well as a link option (to both 18thConnect objects and other internet sites) and footnotes.
The Rich Text Editor
Setting Up an Internal or External Link
Adding Links

Engage the rich text editor by clicking on the relevant section in your exhibit. After entering text, highlight the word or phrase you would like to link elsewhere, and click the chain link icon at the upper left. This will engage a new dialog, showing the 18thC Objects you have collected and associated with the current exhibit. You may also click the All My Objects tab to peruse the rest of your collections for the link you need.

If you're having trouble finding the item you need, this dialog offers a drop-down to sort your collections by Date Collected, Author and Title. You can also filter the objects by typing the title or author of the object into the blank on the right of this drop-down.
Linking Outside of 18thC

Although 18thC objects are offered by default, you can also link to web pages and images on the World Wide Web. In the Set Link dialog, simply change the type of link to External Link, and paste the URL in the field below. Please keep in mind that URLs are subject to change, so links outside of 18thC may require more maintenance on your part in the future.
Setting Up an External Link
When you've completed your exhibit and you're ready to share it, all you have to do is edit the profile and choose the sharing option you prefer. We recommend that you select a Creative Commons License at this point, to make sure you are credited for all your hard work.
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